This is one of my favourite short poems. Thinking about my recent relationship breakup however, I feel like taking liberties with the wording (apologies to Shel Silverstein)…

I showed him my blue skin, thinking he would know

That he was safe to show me his

But the mask he wore was far too comfortable and safe

And he had worn it for so long, he had forgotten he had blue skin

The people he hung out with him would not know him if he took it off

In fact, even he would not know himself if he could no longer hide behind it

Because the thing about digging down deep to reach the blue was; you could never go back to wearing the mask

Things he had justified in the past, present and future based on what the mask dictated he be, would no longer be valid

Because if you awakened to your blue, then you had no choice but to be true 

And be led only by your heart which lies underneath the blue.


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