The Futility of Worry

It’s been a difficult time lately, with all attempts to sell or rent my house out ending up unsuccessful. As a consequence, since the 11th of October, I have had little or no income from the house. Like with most people, I have bills to pay and food and petrol to buy and worst of all, it is the summer holidays when the whole country stops working and concentrates on having fun.

I have no debt, but for the first time in a long time I have more money going out than coming in and I am worried about getting into debt. But I know I have a major asset that can generate income: my house. The bit that is not under my control is to whom and when it will be rented.

The lesson here is the understanding that whatever is happening will continue to happen in that regard. I just have to follow the process and see it through. Worrying is futile. All it would do is take away from the time I have with my son to go out and do things.

So, I have decided instead to be grateful for what I do have. In particular, the skills I have gained over the years in handling money. I know how to manage on very little. I have very good self discipline when it comes to spending. I have put the genie called ” I deserve this” into a bottle a long time ago. And instead of worrying about what I was missing out, I decided to enjoy the opportunities I did have.

I had tickets to the Merchant of Venice screening at the Pop-Up Globe for my son and  I on Thursday. It was his first experience of Shakespeare and I took heart in the fact he made through the whole show even if he didn’t look too interested. I love the story and would like to believe it made an impression on him. The tickets were half price D Reserve Tickets because it was a preview show. I bought them back in December when money was not too tight.


Yesterday, we booked $2 parking in the City and went to Silo Park after dinner to catch up with friends who were going there to see the Friday night movie screening. It didn’t start till 9 pm, so a bit too late for us. Jacob and I had a lot of fun. A fall in the wading pool meant he was soaked from the waist down, but he didn’t seem to mind at all. He paid for his own treats out of his pocket money and gave the rest of his money to a homeless person on the way back. It was beautiful to see his joy at the man’s surprise and gratitude.


I know for a fact that while life may seem a bit unsettled financially, I have so much to be grateful for. I live in a beautiful city and there’s a lot to do that doesn’t require money. I shall not worry.


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