The Simple Life

Over the last few days I have been researching Voluntary Simplicity; in particular, living a simple life in the City. I did the whole nine yards of recycling, composting, growing my own vegetables, water tanks and was well on track to get Solar Power in a year or two. I have left that life behind and have now become a city apartment dweller. But that hasn’t taken away my desire for a simple life.

I have made a conscious decision not to buy anything other than the absolute essentials for the house and to buy second hand wherever possible. The monitor I am using as I type this was the first purchase since I moved here and it cost all of $2. My Samsung Tablet died last month and I have managed to source a second hand one for cheap. It’s got a broken screen, but should do fine to retrieve my backed up accounts data that I am desperate for. Other things have been either received in the way of gifts or have cost less than $10 each. And each has been bought with the idea of saving money by their use.

A $3.50 shower squeege if used after every shower will reduce the need for cleaning, saving both money and time. A facial hair trimmer will hopefully eliminate the need for costly visits to the beauty therapist and a set of computer pry tools will come in handy to repair the screen of the new tablet I just bought.

Two out of the three outer clothing items I am wearing have come from Op Shops. The desktop computer I am using is my son’s 6 year old machine, which I upgraded with a SSD a few years ago. I decided not to replace my laptop when it died a year ago.

My research showed me that making conscious decisions about how you live is what Voluntary Simplicity is all about. By living this way, we are reducing the impact we have on the planet. Cooking from scratch, minimizing food waste, not buying bottled water in plastic bottles, reusing plastic bags, using the clothes lines outside to dry our clothes, all help.


Yesterday, when were out walking Jacob decided to climb a tree in his school yard. You can barely see him among the branches. In the afternoon, he decided to scale up the side of this building instead of walking beside it as I was doing. It is so nice to see him doing something active for a change.


Today we walked into town to see a movie and then caught the bus home. It’s amazing how much more you see when you are walking compared with driving. I loved the colours on this tree and despite it being nearly time for the movie, I decided I had to stop and take a picture.


Life takes us down mysterious avenues when we least expect it. I certainly didn’t plan on being here, but I am loving it.


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