Inner Peace

I am having a depth year or maybe even a depth rest of my life. I came across the term in David Cain’s blog.. By then, I had already made a resolve that I would use what I already owned rather than take up new hobbies. I had already been doing that with music for the past few years. I had lots of CD’s I had never listened to, so put everything on my iPod and started listening to them more often.

My one weakness is clothes. I have lots and I find it hard not to buy. A recent trip to the US saw me coming home with at least 14 new outfits. So this year, I have decided if I do buy, it will be second hand.

With books, I have taken a different approach. We have a free book exchange in a neighbouring suburb. I have decided to use that instead of buying anything new. The only thing I have bought so far is a kindle book.

The whole idea behind going deeper instead of wider is about reducing the distractions in your life and instead concentrating on what is important.

I have started doing that with my friendships too. As I looked deeper at my friendships, even long term ones, I have realised that some of them do not add much to my life. Some of them are fair weather friends. Others’ have shown their true colours when I went through a major health event three months ago. There’s going to be a fair amount of culling happening in that part of my life this year.

The deeper I go, the more at peace I am. I have more clarity and can see how when my life was full of distractions last year, I wasn’t making good decisions. A different me looks back and see’s where I branched off on various tangents and strayed from my path.

It is still January, but I think this particular change is one that I want to keep working on for the rest of my life.


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