I am coming out of a 5 month relationship which in a lot of ways was beautiful, but had it’s fair share of conflict. In an unusual move, my ex bf agreed to go see a relationship counselor with me to learn more about ourselves and why we did what we did in the relationship. Only one session in, we are discovering a wealth of information about ourselves and our interaction based on the teachings of John Gottman and also the role ADD played in my ex bf’s behaviour. I also discovered after we broke up that he found it really difficult to focus his attention on long discussions I liked to have about ourselves and what was going on and that caused emotional flooding in his brain. This led to massive conflict which eventually led to us breaking up.

I on the other hand needed to talk to through things to make sense of it. Now having a better understanding of how this tendency of mine triggered his outbursts, I have decided to go back to writing my feelings out on this forum anonymously. It has been very helpful and I am hopeful it will continue to be so as we work our way through these next few weeks.